The role of the winery worker is to be involved in all the steps associated with the wine making process. This would start with the planting and maintenance of the vineyard to the final wine making. The winery worker would determine when the grape would be ready for harvest to achieve the desired results for the wine to be produced. The winery worker would be responsible for the processing of the grapes to the finished product including the blending, bottling and labeling of the wine.

Winery worker responsibilities and duties:

Layout and install the trellising system

Mark locations of end posts and line post
Dig holes and set the posts
Install anchors and trellis wires

Plant new vines and replacement vines where necessary
Maintain vineyard

Pruning and hedging vines
Weed control under vines
Cut grass between rows
Identify and treat pests pressures
Install bird netting at beginning of veraison
Determine sugar and acids levels to determine proper harvest time

Harvest and crush grapes
Process grapes to finished product

Measure pH and sugar levels and adjust to appropriate levels
Pump over grape must, monitor sugar levels and adjust temperature levels
Rack wines when sugar/alcohol levels have been achieved
Cold stabilization and fining of the wine
Blending and oaking wine
Monitor and adjust sulfite/pH levels until wine is ready to bottle
Filter, bottle and label finished wines

Required Skills:

BS degree in viticulture or enology
Must have or in process of attaining a pesticide applicators license
Sommelier certified

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​1536 Middletown Ave * Northford * Connecticut * 06472 * 203-208-1211